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The European School of Threadlifting invites doctors to hands-on courses

The European School of Threadlifting invites doctors to hands-on courses The European School of ThreadLifting is happy to invite doctors to intensive courses on LFL mesothreads implantation methods for aesthetic correction of age-related face and body changes.

Beauty Expert’s European School of Threadlifting has been recognized as the best European school of threadlifting based on the 2012 performance. The branches of the School of Threadlifting successfully work in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and other CIS countries, as well as in the Baltic countries, Bulgaria, and Israel. They are also rapidly entering the European market. 

The method of threadlifting using mesothreads first appeared in South Korea, yet, due to objective differences in morphotypes of aging of Asian and European faces, training courses held by the European School of Threadlifting are focused on these peculiarities, which makes it substantially different from the Asian School.

In our practice, we use premium-class Lead Fine Lift mesothreads manufactured by Medifirst, a research and production centre. These mesothreads are unrivalled in terms of all quality characteristics, such as polydioxanone quality, hub ergonomics, needle sharpening and polishing, sterilization system, and packaging quality.

The training system is divided into two courses: basic and expert.

The basic course involves training on working with Lead Fine Lift mono mesothreads using linear techniques. This course is focused on the theory, anatomy, basic principles of threadlifting and insertion patterns. 

The expert course is intended for experienced threadlifting professionals. This course covers 2D and 3D insertion of mono mesothreads, as well as working with screw, barbed and double lift mesothreads.

Threadlifting using Lead Fine Lift PDO mesothreads is part of the gold standard of beauty injections, along with fillers, mesotherapy and botulinum toxin therapy. 

Welcome to our European ThreadLifting School!!!

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