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About threadlifting and mesothreads

Threadlifting is an innovative method of face and body tissue reinforcement, revitalization and lifting using sterile resorbable Lead Fine Lift mesothreads.

Lead Fine Lift mesothreads are manufactured and patented in South Korea. The manufacturer is MEDIFIRST, an R&D holding. (Patent No. 0473108)

Lead Fine Lift mesothreads consist of a flexible sharp guide needle and a PDO thread. The superior quality of the needle and an ergonomically designed connector allow making linear, 2D and 3D manipulations, excluding the risk of the needle break in the tissues, and the Diamond Sharp needle sharpening and polishing technology makes the treatment easy, atraumatic and painless.

PDO (a material that a mesothread consists of) is a fully absorbable biologically inert sterile suture. Injected subcutaneously, a PDO thread causes minimum tissue response, fully degrading into carbon dioxide and water, typical of the human body, after 180 to 240 days.

The least possible thickness and controlled degradation of threads ensure mild neocollagenesis.

Newly formed collagen fibers can be observed within a radius of 1 to 3 mm approximately after 90 days of the implantation. It does not cause any damage to tissue microcirculation and vascularization, that is indurated fibrosis is not formed, as is the case with a large diameter or long-degradation threads.

A newly-formed collagen structure assumes a supporting function and provides a durable lifting effect.

Therefore, an injected mesothread produces an immediate supportive and lifting effect and the following presence of the thread inside the tissues stimulates natural skin revitalization.

It is very important that Lead Fine Lift mesothreads are not coated with any compounds. It warrants a high tolerance of the material and absence of allergic reactions.

Another important aspect is that Lead Fine Lift mesothreads are intended both for intradermal and intramuscular placement, which makes threadlifting substantially different from other ligature interventions. It expands the mesothread application areas from the beauty industry to pain and spasm treatment by insertion of mesothreads into acupuncture points. It also helps relax and tonify muscles.

Indications for threadlifting using Lead Fine Lift mesothreads

Treatment and correction of aesthetic problems:

-  Skin laxity and excess skin, loss of tone, wrinkling.

-  Gravitational ptosis of tissues, including ptosis of cheeks and submental area.

-  Loss of tone of individual muscles and muscle groups.

-  Cellulitis, rough relief of tissues after liposuction and body shaping.  Pain and spasm treatment.

-  Treatment of metabolic syndrome and adiposity.

-  Treatment of somatic diseases, such as rhinitis, sinusitis, facial paralysis.

-  Treatment of urological and gynaecological diseases: urinary incontinence, prostatitis, aesthetic gynaecology (including treatment of anorgasmia).

The Advantages of Threadlifting using Lead Fine Lift Mesothreads

1.   Threadlifting produces an immediate and durable effect. Tissue reaction to threads is modest and consists in mild collagenesis without any damage to tissue microcirculation. Light induration of connective tissue performs a framework function for about 2 years.

2.  Threadlifting makes it possible to create a uniform-thickness reinforcing threaded net. Thread absorption rate is the same in all points of the treatment area and ranges from 180 to 240 days.

3.  Threadlifting is atraumatic: fast and traceless injection point healing. A minimum number of hematomas. No social eviction period.

4.  Threadlifting makes it possible to avoid infiltration anaesthesia, which excludes edema, massive hematomas and risks of allergic reactions.

5.   Threadlifting can be successfully combined with other aesthetic methods.

6.   Threadlifting  contributes to the prevention of early skin aging.

7.   A threadlifting  does not take much time (30 min.)

The Advantages of Lead Fine Lift Mesothreads

1. LFL mesothreads are approved by the European Institute for Testing and Certification, which is confirmed by the EC certificate.

2. LFL mesothreads are fitted with an easy-to-use connector for secure guide needle fixation.

3. LFL mesothreads are fitted with ultra-polished Diamond Sharp laser-sharpened needles. It helps them glide easily and painlessly through the tissues, leaving no bruises and puncture traces.

4. LFL mesothreads are sterile monofilament premium PDO threads, which do not stick in the needle bore.

5. LFL mesothreads are packed in easy-to-handle zipped aluminum blisters with a manual in Russian.

6. LFL mesothreads have an unsurpassed shelf life of 3 years after the manufacture date.

The Product Range of Lead Fine Lift Mesothreads:

The range of Lead Fine Lift mesothreads is optimized for the method applied and comprises linear, spiral and barbed mesothreads. The range also includes special threads for muscles.

Linear threads

-  face and body skin reinforcement

-  face shape strengthening

-  forehead skin lifting and strengthening

-  periorbital area rejuvenation

-  correction of purse wrinkles

-  lip recontouring

-  lifting the mouth corners

-  reinforcement of a medial part of the neck

-  Customized applications (treatment for muscles, lipolysis, acupuncture)

-  Body contouring

Screw  threads

-  reinforcement and lifting of the middle and lower thirds of the face

-  double chin correction

-  eyebrow lifting

-  correction of linear wrinkles by internal volumizing

-  improvement of a nasolabial triangle structure

-  face shape correction

-  correction of a submental zone and anterolateral neck surfaces

-  bodycontouring

 Barbed threads

-  strengthening of the tissues relocated to the perfect position

-  lifting of the middle and lower thirds of the face

-  lifting of different body areas (combined with linear injections)

-  insertion into lateral surfaces of the neck for lifting purposes

-  body contouring + body lifting

 Double lift barbed threads

-  correction of gravitational ptosis in the middle and lower thirds of the face

-  face shape correction

-  lifting of the submental area and neck

-  bodylifting

Beauty Expert School of Threadlifting was recognized by developing companies as the best European School for Threadlifting.

Beauty Expert’s training center regularly holds basic training courses, open Days of Threadlifting, travelling workshops and original master classes by famous threadlifting experts

Training is performed on a two-stage basis

Basic course. Threadlfiting using Lead Fine Lift mesothreads for correction of age-related face and body changes:

1. Theoretical aspects of mesothread application for face and body correction. The secrets of the methods.

2. Placement techniques for 3D mesothreads:

2.1. Face-lifting and bioreinforcement of tissues with mesothreads

2.2. Mesothreads for fighting dynamic wrinkles

2.3. Body lifting and cellulitis correction with mesothreads

Advanced course. The second stage of threadlifting using linear, spiral and barbed Lead Fine Lift mesothreads:

1. 2D and 3D placement of Lead Fine Lift mesothreads

2. Spiral Lead Fine Lift mesothreads: special aspects of placement

3. Barbed Lead Fine Lift mesothreads for ptosis correction in the middle part of the face

4. Complications of threadlifting: preventive actions and methods of correction.

Original courses

-   ThreadLips, lip contouring and correction of the periorbital area using Lead Fine Lift mesothreads

-   Treatment of metabolic syndrome using Lead Fine Lift mesothreads

-   Aesthetic gynaecology using Lead Fine Lift mesothreads

-   Nose jobs using Lead Fine Lift mesothreads

-   Eye contouring using Lead Fine Lift mesothreads

-   LuxeFace using Lead Fine Lift mesothreads

-   A ‘turn-key’ decollette area correction using Lead Fine Lift mesothreads

-   Acupuncture threadlifting

-   Pain and spasm treatment using Lead Fine Lift mesothreads

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