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Lead Fine Lift (Screw) 27G/50mm





Lead Fine Lift premium absorbable polydioxanone mesothreads for threadlifting.

Packaging: 10 pcs of barbed pdo mesothreads 27G/50mm.

Needle size:  27G.

Length of needle:  50 mm.

Lenght of thread: 70 mm.

Size of thread: 5-0 UPS.

Material of thread: polydioxanone.

Biodegradation terms of thread: 180 days.

-  reinforcement and lifting of the middle and lower thirds of the face

-  double chin correction

-  eyebrow lifting

-  correction of linear wrinkles by internal volumizing

-  improvement of a nasolabial triangle structure

-  face shape correction

-  correction of a submental zone and anterolateral neck surfaces

-  bodycontouring

About threadlifting and mesothreads Lead Fine Lift:

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